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Don’t be Adventurous; Approach this Market Systematically

Dear Investor,  As you can would have noticed the Indian Stock Markets are continuously falling since Budget (Feb 1st) day for various reasons…   While the Large caps have not fallen much, there is HUGE Correction in MID & SMALL Cap stocks over the past few Months   While the Year To Date (from Jan…

Meet the Expert: Manish Gunwani of ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund

Dear Friends, Once again I am posting blog here with a good enough time lag… I am sure you are missing me as much I was missing all of you… So here’s a reward for your patience.. This time, I got the opportunity to interview one of the leading Equity Fund Manager from India’s leading…

CRISIL report confirms my view on Tax saving Mutual Funds

Great!!! I now have the backing of India’s leading credit rating agency CRISIL confirming my view that Tax Saving Mutual Funds, also known as ELSS, are an Investors best bet as far as Tax Saving Investments are concerned. The investors favourite, PPF & NSC, have been beaten black & blue by good ELSS funds over a 10 year period, as per a recent report published by CRISIL.

So all those articles that I have written on Tax Saving Mutual Funds or ELSS have not gone in vain.

Subbu liquid fund ke bare main nahin jaanta hai

You must have seen or read about this wonderful advertisement appearing since december on TV as well as print media…


It is an advertisement by Kotak Mahindra Bank intending to attract money in it’s savings bank account on which it recently increased the interest rates from 4% per annum to 6% per annum.


“The BEST Investment opportunity is provided only in times of CRISIS”.

Indian importers are aghast, shocked and caught unawares at the sudden fall in rupee vis-a-vis the US dollar…an Indian traveller, the Indian Govt. and the Indian Importer are in pain as they have to pay full 15 to16% more rupees today to buy 1 US dollar compared to a year back…

Have a look at the table below…

Hope you have doubled your SIP Investments this monsoon?

Yes, you have read it right. And no there is no typo error here. I am asking you whether you have doubled your SIP Investments in Mutual Funds recently?

What did you say?
The markets are down and there is gloom all over. The World is in recession including India and hence we should stay away from equity (stock market) investing. So am I crazy to suggest that you increase your SIPs in Mutual Funds?

The unsung hero of the Indian investment universe

Oh yes, did I mention that , now, you do not pay any commissions to your agent for buying or selling this product & that practically anyone with a PAN card, an address proof & a bank account can buy this humble investment option… Also, not the least, that this investment tool, offers the widest…

The Rich man’s bank accounts

In this article, let me introduce you to the rich man’s bank account. Yes, the financially well healed & High Networth Individuals (HNI’s) have a different avenue where they park their funds that they do not need temporarily. Now where do you park the surplus money that you do not need immediately? You and I…