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My daughter has 3 piggy banks

    I am not somebody who would share my personal affairs so easily; after all I am a very private person; but I observed something in my daughter’s behavior (while handling money) that I thought would be of help to us all; Now, we all have, during our childhood, been gifted piggy banks by…

Hope you have doubled your SIP Investments this monsoon?

Yes, you have read it right. And no there is no typo error here. I am asking you whether you have doubled your SIP Investments in Mutual Funds recently?

What did you say?
The markets are down and there is gloom all over. The World is in recession including India and hence we should stay away from equity (stock market) investing. So am I crazy to suggest that you increase your SIPs in Mutual Funds?

The unsung hero of the Indian investment universe

Oh yes, did I mention that , now, you do not pay any commissions to your agent for buying or selling this product & that practically anyone with a PAN card, an address proof & a bank account can buy this humble investment option… Also, not the least, that this investment tool, offers the widest…

YES, I met Warren Buffett: The GOD of Investing

I finally met the God of Investing himself, Mr. Warren Buffett on his recent and first visit to India. I was luckier still to be able to ask him question (shall attach a youtube link soon) to which he was kind enough to give a detailed reply. Here, therefore, are PEARLs of WISDOM from the…