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Common Stocks, Uncommon Profits

If you regularly watch business channels then you would have noticed the change in tone of media and the market experts on TV channels with respect to the advice they give on markets. Since last couple of months, and in case of some experts since last year or so, are coaxing you, the retail Investor, to INVEST in Equities (i.e. Stocks) &/or Equity Mutual Funds.

However, this is my advice to you, the INVESTOR & my BLOG readers…


Of late many of you, my BLOG readers, have written to me requesting me to increase the frequency with which I write articles on my BLOG. I am happy to know that I have great folks out there waiting to read what I write on the subject of Investing & Personal Finance and admit that I should write more frequently.

I know I that I suffer with bad frequency or shall I say BAD TIMING in writing my BLOG and I fully admit my mistake. I shall endeavor to correct myself and write more frequently in future. Your opinions, suggestions and constructive criticism are more than welcome.

INVEST and therefore SAVE TAX and not vice versa…

Confused about the heading of this article…

What is the biggest mistake people commit in the month of March???
The first financial agent to knock on your door in March gets to sell any damn financial product to you.
Any damn financial product with any amount of commission and expenses?
And all his hefty commission and his company’s expenses go from whose pocket?
Obviously from your pocket…

Subbu liquid fund ke bare main nahin jaanta hai

You must have seen or read about this wonderful advertisement appearing since december on TV as well as print media…


It is an advertisement by Kotak Mahindra Bank intending to attract money in it’s savings bank account on which it recently increased the interest rates from 4% per annum to 6% per annum.

Hope you have doubled your SIP Investments this monsoon?

Yes, you have read it right. And no there is no typo error here. I am asking you whether you have doubled your SIP Investments in Mutual Funds recently?

What did you say?
The markets are down and there is gloom all over. The World is in recession including India and hence we should stay away from equity (stock market) investing. So am I crazy to suggest that you increase your SIPs in Mutual Funds?

The Rich man’s bank accounts

In this article, let me introduce you to the rich man’s bank account. Yes, the financially well healed & High Networth Individuals (HNI’s) have a different avenue where they park their funds that they do not need temporarily. Now where do you park the surplus money that you do not need immediately? You and I…

Tax Saving Mutual Funds (or ELSS)

Tax Saving Mutual Funds (or ELSS): Grab them with both hands before they go away One of the best tax saving instruments available today might not be available 2 years from now. You guessed it right; I am talking about “ELSS or Tax Saving Mutual Funds”.  Imagine a product that helps you save tax, has…

No Entry Load on Mutual Funds: A blessing in disguise

As you might be aware, the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) came out with a new regulation with effect from August 1, 2009 that has an immediate impact on what you pay whenever you buy a mutual fund scheme. Until now (before Sep 1, 2009), all purchases of Equity-based mutual fund schemes were subjected…