Dear Master Rishi,

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from you yesterday (Friday the 13th) expressing your interest in investing in Mutual Funds & I remember you emphasised Stock Market wala MFs (technically we call them Equity Mutual Funds).

When I tried to make you aware of the ongoing Volatility (ups & downs) in Stock Markets you told me that’s the very reason you have called me NOW; I also tried to make you aware that we are experiencing one of the steepest Stock Market correction in recent memory & that this volatility is not restricted to India but Stock Markets around the World; but you didn’t budge & you kept telling me that you want me to INVEST your entire money on Monday.

I also tried to convince you that there is a very high chance that you will get the markets lower if you wait a few weeks but you insisted that you want to invest on Monday only as you are Investing in markets after a huge correction (25% as on date that you heard from me in my conversation with your Dad).

I finally made a last attempt to convince you otherwise & wait out this Coronavirus scare as I know you are a rare client who is entrusting me with 100% of your Savings  (it’s immaterial that the absolute amount is small)

Dear Rishi, @AUM Financial Advisors I manage wealth for > 350 families for more than a decade now & nobody till date has entrusted > 50% (average is 20%)  of their Wealth let alone 100%; hence I wanted to be extra careful with your Life’s Savings;

I finally pitched the much safer DEBT Mutual Funds (aka Fixed Deposits which are immune from Stock Market ups & downs) to you but to my utter surprise you bowled me over with your reply. You told me that you are 13 years old & you want the entire money back on your 21st Birthday, not before & that you are giving me a good 8 Years to DOUBLE your money for your College.

You took a bond from me that if you invest on Monday, & if you don’t touch the money for next 8 years ;I will have to give you a very BIG amount after 8 years when you finally need that amount; if that is the case then it doesn’t matter to you even if temporarily the Value of your Investments goes down by even 10-15%.

Finally, I give up Rishi & I bow down to your Conviction on the Equity Markets & the faith that you have shown in Me & your SIMPLE de-cluttered THOUGHT PROCESS.

Finally when I asked you how come you got such conviction (which even your Dad doesn’t have) you told me that you follow Warren Buffett (after you heard about him from my conversations with your Dad)  & that he always without exception INVESTS only during crisis & when negativity is at its peak;

When I asked you why MONDAY you told me that you have read that Warren Buffett entered the US Stock Market on Monday (probably the reason the US Markets went up) & one thing you have learn from my conversations is to copy what Warren BUFFETT does.

Finally, when you warned me that you will switch to another advisor if I don’t start Investing on Monday I buckled under pressure & I will for sure start investing your Life’s Savings Monday onwards but not at one go Rishi; 20% I will Invest on Monday & other 4 installments will be deployed over the next few weeks looking at the market situations; that way when you BUY in a staggered way we cannot go wrong no matter where the market goes;

I am glad (& under little bit pressure) that you trust me Rishi so much as to give me 100% of your Pocket Money (Rs. 1 lac for a 13-Year-old is not a small amount) & that you are a great Saver having understood the Principles of Wealth Creation at such a young age;

Finally I probed you that for sure you have accumulated these savings over a few years & not overnight & that you started saving after reading my article “My Daughter has 3 Piggy Banks” that I had written a few years back to teach the Importance of Savings but more so Investing to my Daughter when she was 11) & I asked you why didn’t you approach me earlier , say when you had accumulated 50,000 & I was once again bowled by your Reply;

You said & I quote “Nirav uncle I had made up my mind after reading your Blog a few years back  that I will give all my Savings to you one day but only after I see everybody else quitting & Screaming”; Now where did you get to understand that logic at such a small age; Warren BUFFETT once again came into the picture & you told me that I keep repeating his world famous quote that everybody knows but very few understand..




I wish all adults understood this concept & have as Clear A Thought Process as YOU…

I bow to you Rishi & I see another BUFFETT in making in India…

Let’s go Shopping Monday Onwards my little friend…

Let’s go Shopping…


Nirav Uncle

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