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CRISIL report confirms my view on Tax saving Mutual Funds

Great!!! I now have the backing of India’s leading credit rating agency CRISIL confirming my view that Tax Saving Mutual Funds, also known as ELSS, are an Investors best bet as far as Tax Saving Investments are concerned. The investors favourite, PPF & NSC, have been beaten black & blue by good ELSS funds over a 10 year period, as per a recent report published by CRISIL.

So all those articles that I have written on Tax Saving Mutual Funds or ELSS have not gone in vain.

INVEST and therefore SAVE TAX and not vice versa…

Confused about the heading of this article…

What is the biggest mistake people commit in the month of March???
The first financial agent to knock on your door in March gets to sell any damn financial product to you.
Any damn financial product with any amount of commission and expenses?
And all his hefty commission and his company’s expenses go from whose pocket?
Obviously from your pocket…

Tax Saving Mutual Funds (or ELSS)

Tax Saving Mutual Funds (or ELSS): Grab them with both hands before they go away One of the best tax saving instruments available today might not be available 2 years from now. You guessed it right; I am talking about “ELSS or Tax Saving Mutual Funds”.  Imagine a product that helps you save tax, has…